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My Zelda Quilt: Started The Quilting

It only took me a couple days and a few dozen cups of tea, but I have started to quilt this beautiful masterpiece. I cannot wait until I put the binding on, wash it, and snuggle up under it. This will be the first large quilt I have made for myself. The 4ths Queen that I have quilted, and the 9th Queen sized top I had made. I’m really excited for it to be done! Hopefully I’ll finish the quilting on the background tonight, and then I’ll do the turquoise bird and triforces tomorrow and bind it!

Wish me luck!


Some New Year’s Shenanigans!

So here we are, at the end of the year, and what do we all have to show for it? Hopefully a few less UFOs than when we started, but I think I might actually have more! That is once again going to be my New Year’s resolution. To make sure I finish more projects! Also… to do more projects. I want to be more productive! I also want a dog… but maybe I’ll just have to settle for finding a significant other I can quilt with. Oh well!

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I’m Alive!!!

I’m finally feeling better! I’ve still been hacking up something terrible, but between the herbal peach tea and the Legend of Zelda Games, I’m feeling better! I have a few errands to run, but once I do that I will start the quilting on my new quilt! I’m so excited! Also, I got the hover boots in Ocarina of Time… as a kid! (Only my video game oriented followers will get that.)

Hover boots!

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