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Next Quilt: Fabric Picked Out

I’m not sure as to a pattern yet, but I picked out the fabric I want for my next quilt! It’s going to be bright and cheery, and I’m going to be so in love with it! This is going to be one hell of a de-stashing project, but I’m ready for it!  I mean with these fabrics, it’s hard to not like something made with them. I can’t wait to start the piecing process!

The Spoils Of Fabric Shopping!

A certain craft super store has a sale on fabric this weekend! I went to the store after work and got some fun stuff! I can’t wait to sew something tonight! No idea what I’m going to make, but I want something cute! Maybe some pillow shams!

Confessions Of A Quilt-aholic: I Love Thread


As all quilters and sewers know, we love fabric! We have collections we call ‘stashes’. I think they are called that because we are always ‘stashing’ it away from our significant others. However, people don’t often talk about the thread they have accumulated. I was going through mine looking for some grey thread to piece with and I realized, “Dang! I have a lot of thread!” I mean a lot! Continue reading

Confessions Of A Quilt-aholic: Hoarding Machines


We all remember my piece I wrote about Hoarding Fabric… I mean Stashing… (Awkward Silence.) Something I recently noticed, is that people are not just hoarding fabric, I’m sorry, stashing, but they are also hoarding machines. I, myself, have been dabbling in it I suppose, as I have collected a few machines, but only two of them, so I don;t think I need to go to rehab yet. Lately I’ve been going to auctions and consignment shops and looking for any antique gems that still run. The only requirement I have is that they need to run properly, because I do plan to sew with them. In fact, just recently, I acquired a Singer 66 from 1947, and I’m in love with it. It’s just gorgeous! (Is it wrong to be more excited about getting a machine than going on a date?) Continue reading

Confessions of A Quilt-aholic: The Thrill of The Sale


We’ve all done it! We’ve all gone to the store and bought some junk we didn’t need because it was on sale. I know I’m guilty of it. I’ve looked through my stash and had to do a double-take on some fabric. Why did I buy it? Why did I keep it? Why do I not even want to use it as a quilt backing? I’ll tell you why: it’s ugly! But, but, but… I got it on sale. That’s a good enough reason…. right? No not really. Then why did I buy some hideous calico print that I’ll never use or even want? Because it was red tag clearance and it was 2 dollars a yard. That’s why I did it, and I would like to apologize to the rest of the fabric that sits next to it in my closet, as well as my wallet. Continue reading

Confessions of a Quilt-aholic: Buying Fabric…


Let me start off by saying, the original title of this post was “Buying Fabric and Smuggling It Into Your Home”. Yes… I buy a lot of fabric, and yes I do it with my money, and yes, I still feel the need to hide it. Once, I was sitting in the parental unit’s living room with my Cousin-In-Law and I had her picking out fabric for her quilt. MY Cousin proceeded to ask me how much the fabric costs. He was curious because I had a bin full of about 300 fat quarters. I started to tell him, and my Cousin-In-Law told me to ‘Shhhh’. She said he didn’t need to know how much it costs. All I could do was laugh. She just didn’t want to tell him how much she had been spending on fabric. She also sews and someday I think I would like to make a quilt with her. I think we would have terrible amounts of fun! But, back to the main purpose of this post… Why doi we hide how much we spend?

Continue reading

Confessions of a Quilt-aholic – My Stash

As I sit in bed watching MTV’s Awkward on my laptop, after a failed attempt to go to sleep, I stare at my totes full of fabric. I think about how I got the fabric. Being a broke college student, quilting is quite an expensive hobby, but since I don’t go to bars or anything like that I never feel too bad about my fabric shopping exploits. However, most of my fabric I didn’t buy from the store. I buy a lot of it on craigslist when people are clearing out their stash. I also got quite a bit as a gift from a very kind woman who just wanted me to have it. In fact I think the backing I used for Miss A’s Quilt came from her. It was such a kind gesture and I’ll always be grateful for it, and that is one of the reasons I try to give back with my quilting to organizations such as Quilts of Valor. So as I gaze upon these totes I can see hundreds of possible quilt tops, and it’s honestly a little overwhelming. Perhaps that is one of the reasons I quilt in a manic state… or maybe, I’m just manic. Continue reading

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