Confessions Of A Quilt-aholic: I Love Thread


As all quilters and sewers know, we love fabric! We have collections we call ‘stashes’. I think they are called that because we are always ‘stashing’ it away from our significant others. However, people don’t often talk about the thread they have accumulated. I was going through mine looking for some grey thread to piece with and I realized, “Dang! I have a lot of thread!” I mean a lot!

I feel like we don;t talk about it that much in the quilting community, but thread stashing is just as important as fabric stashing! What would we do if we didn’t have thread options? Typically, I piece with a medium grey thread, but it can change from project to project. I try not to quilt too much with grey thread though, because I typically like the thread to pop! However, if I am simply stitching in the ditch, then yes, grey all the way! If the quilt is just so multicolored I can’t make up my mind, then I also use grey, but I try to use the thread that will accent my quilt the most. On my Blooming 9 Patch, I changed the meander from Purple to Blue for the border fabric just to make it pop a little bit more!

As a lot of you know, I buy a lot of sewing stuff from estate sales. So I have an extremely diverse collection of sewing accoutrements. This diversity extends to my thread collection. I have so many different kinds of thread. I have upholstery thread, button thread, plenty of rayon, poly, and cotton thread. I have it all! What I’m going to do with it… I have no idea. Someday I’ll figure out how to sew clothes, but that day might be very far off in the future, along with my plan to sew curtains. Oh well. I’ll just have to hold on to it all for now! Maybe I’ll just quilt more to go through it faster!

Sounds like a plan to me!

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