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Vikings Quilt: Change of Plans

At first I was planning on just stitching in the ditch, but then I decided to do that and also to stipple! I’m in love with it already! You like?

Vikings Quilt: Thread Choice

I’m about to start the quilting on this quilt, but I can;t decide if I want to go purple or gold on thread. I’m just stitching in the ditch, and then an outline of the body in the border. What do you guys think?

Viking’s Quilt: Top Is Pieced!

I finally did it! Between waiting on fabric, and then returning fabric, and then finding out they never had the right fabric and re-ordering it from a different vendor, and then that fabric being delayed by the weather, it took me quite a while to piece this! I will at least start the quilting today. I wanted to start it last night, but I ended up going to a class for embroidery software this morning, and yesterday I had the job interview. I’ve just been running around a mile a minute. Now that I am back home and sewing, I know I can power through a big chunk of this tonight! Wish me luck!

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Guess Who Has A Regular Job…

This Guy! I got hired today! I’m just so happy I could die, but too happy to die! Instead, I’m just going to roll around in my fabric and pet my thread! I feel so pretty! However, before I do all of that, I have to go an shovel snow. I love winter, but he snow shoveling really eats into my sewing time! I’m just super happy and wanted to share!

Confessions Of A Quilt-aholic: I Love Thread


As all quilters and sewers know, we love fabric! We have collections we call ‘stashes’. I think they are called that because we are always ‘stashing’ it away from our significant others. However, people don’t often talk about the thread they have accumulated. I was going through mine looking for some grey thread to piece with and I realized, “Dang! I have a lot of thread!” I mean a lot! Continue reading

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