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For All The Peyton Manning Fans…

I finally finished this! I feel so bad that it took me so long, but the woman who bought it was very understanding. I’m giving her a discount for the fact that it is almost a week late. I’m so happy to have it done! I love the blue thread I used. I cannot remember the name, but I need to get more from work on payday. I was going to use white, but I don’t know why I just decided to use blue at the last minute. I like the way it turned out. I can’t wait to mail it out!

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Colts Quilt: Almost Half Way Done

I’ve been slowly working on this project since about a week ago. The fabric was delayed in the mail because of the weather, and it was just a lot of delays. Now I am finally making some headway! I think it is going to look sexy!  have to pick up some white quilting thread at work though. For some reason, I have none at home.

Zelda Commission 5: Almost Done

I’m almost done! I did the blue background stippling and I put on the binding. I used a nice medium mottled blue for the binding. I think it ties the fabric blocks together quite nicely with the medium blue thread I used. The only thing left to do is the stippling on the bird. I already have the gold thread picked out, and it’s by my sewing machine waiting for me! I even got a new quilting foot. I’ll post about that later though. Wish me luck!

Vikings Quilt: It’s All Done!

I did it! It is complete and ready to be mailed out tomorrow! I’m in love with it! It makes me miss living in Minnesota a little! Not that I’m a football fan or anything, but it just reminds me of Minnesota. I’m super happy I went with gold thread. It really makes the sashing pop!

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Viking’s Quilt: Top Is Pieced!

I finally did it! Between waiting on fabric, and then returning fabric, and then finding out they never had the right fabric and re-ordering it from a different vendor, and then that fabric being delayed by the weather, it took me quite a while to piece this! I will at least start the quilting today. I wanted to start it last night, but I ended up going to a class for embroidery software this morning, and yesterday I had the job interview. I’ve just been running around a mile a minute. Now that I am back home and sewing, I know I can power through a big chunk of this tonight! Wish me luck!

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Vikings Quilt: It’s Coming Along Alright

I have had such a busy day. I’ve been running around all morning, and then I had to go run around after lunch, but I am home now. I have a sewing class tomorrow at 8:30am so I cannot stay up too late, but I do want to finish the top tonight. I have until Tuesday to mail it out, but ideally I can mail it out tomorrow. We’ll just have to wait and see!

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