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Vikings Quilt: It’s All Done!

26 Jan

I did it! It is complete and ready to be mailed out tomorrow! I’m in love with it! It makes me miss living in Minnesota a little! Not that I’m a football fan or anything, but it just reminds me of Minnesota. I’m super happy I went with gold thread. It really makes the sashing pop!

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Vikings Quilt: Change of Plans

25 Jan

At first I was planning on just stitching in the ditch, but then I decided to do that and also to stipple! I’m in love with it already! You like?

Vikings Quilt: Thread Choice

25 Jan

I’m about to start the quilting on this quilt, but I can;t decide if I want to go purple or gold on thread. I’m just stitching in the ditch, and then an outline of the body in the border. What do you guys think?

Vikings Quilt: It’s Coming Along

17 Jan

While I wait for the shipment of the second Viking’s fabric, I’ve cut and started the piece the other fabrics together. I’m going to have it all ready, so I just need to cut and sew it in place on either Monday or Tuesday when the fabric gets here. I’m so excited!

Vikings Quilt: First Blocks Are Done

16 Jan

I just finished the first blocks of the quilt, and I’m glad I added the tonal fabric to just kind of mix things up. I have 72 blocks to make, so I’m 3 down and 69 to go. I’m still waiting on a second Viking’s themed fabric to help mix things up. It has the actual Viking’s head instead of the helmet. I feel so Minnesotan right now!

Vikings Quilt: It Has Begun!

16 Jan

So, everyone knows I’m a big bright shiny star, and now that I have finished one quilt today, I have to start the next one! It’s going to be a Minnesota Viking’s themed quilt and it makes me feel like I am back in Minnesota! I cannot wait to start cutting tonight! If you want one yourself, here is the listing for a Throw Size on Etsy!