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Vikings Quilt: It’s Coming Along

While I wait for the shipment of the second Viking’s fabric, I’ve cut and started the piece the other fabrics together. I’m going to have it all ready, so I just need to cut and sew it in place on either Monday or Tuesday when the fabric gets here. I’m so excited!

Vikings Quilt: First Blocks Are Done

I just finished the first blocks of the quilt, and I’m glad I added the tonal fabric to just kind of mix things up. I have 72 blocks to make, so I’m 3 down and 69 to go. I’m still waiting on a second Viking’s themed fabric to help mix things up. It has the actual Viking’s head instead of the helmet. I feel so Minnesotan right now!

Vikings Quilt: It Has Begun!

So, everyone knows I’m a big bright shiny star, and now that I have finished one quilt today, I have to start the next one! It’s going to be a Minnesota Viking’s themed quilt and it makes me feel like I am back in Minnesota! I cannot wait to start cutting tonight! If you want one yourself, here is the listing for a Throw Size on Etsy!


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