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Mario Quilt: The Top Is Pieced!

I did it! I did it! I ran out of blue fabric, so I added some other blue fabric to the corners to make it more fun! This way it kind of looks like they are all framed in there! I really need to get more of this blue and purple fabric! It looks amazing as a background! I’m not sure if tomorrow I will pin this or start on my next quilt. We shall see!

Follow the jump for the entire process!

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Mario Quilt: 1 Up Mushroom , and Pattern On Etsy

I did it! Once more with feeling I have finished my next Mario themed block. It is a 1 up mushroom! I also put the pattern up on ETSY (Click Here) in case anyone was interested in making one themselves! This one took me most of the morning, but then again… I didn’t wake up until 10am. I was up until 4am… not sure why, just not feeling too hot! I need a Diet coke!

Follow the jump for pictures of its construction!

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