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Patterns I’ve Made On Etsy


Just sorting through things and updating my Etsy shop with quantities, and figured I would remind everyone what’s in there!


Mario Throw Quilt Pattern

Mario Wall Hanging

Fire Flower Wall Hanging

Goomba Wall Hanging

1 Up Mushroom Wall Hanging

Zelda Bird Wall Hanging

Zelda Bird Throw

Zelda Bird Twin

Zelda Bird Queen

Tetris Throw

Frozen Star Throw

Frozen Star Queen

Quilt for Equality Block

Rydia Final Fantasy Wall Hanging

Margie’s Queen Quilt

Interlocking Columns


Quilts Of Nerd-dom

So, as some of my readers have noticed, I’ve been doing a lot of video game themed items this past week. Well, the truth is…. I’m working on a line of quilts and quilt designs called “Quilts of Nerd-dom”. So far… I have done a few Zelda Quilts, a Mario Themed Quilt, and a I’m working currently on a Final Fantasy Art Pop themed Quilt. My goal is that at the end of February to have at least 6 of these Nerd-dom themed quilt tops made, and the patterns available. That is the goal anyways. The thing that I need from my readers is… What should I do next? You tell me what you want!



Zelda Quilts Of The Past 6 Months

I’ve been working on this Quilts of Nerd-dom thing and I just wanted to post some pictures of all of the Zelda Quilts I have made over the past 6 months! I think I made some pretty awesome ones, and I’m looking forward to making more in the next few months as well!

Follow the jump for a more of my Many Zelda Quilts!

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