Daily Archives: January 10, 2014

Equality Quilt: First 14 Blocks Made!

I did it! I started sewing the project together and I’m in love with this quilt just like the first time I made it! I cannot wait until I piece the entire quilt together. Hopefully I’ll have it in the mail by Monday! I’m still a little sick, and I do go to work tomorrow, but hopefully I can power through and in the words of Tim Gunn: “Make it work!” You know I will!

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Equality Quilt: The Fabric Is Getting Cut

So last night all I ended up doing was ironing the fabric pieces. I didn’t end up cutting them because y eyes were too tired, and I didn’t want to have any mistakes. So today, I started to cut the fabric for the Equality Quilt I sold. I cannot wait to have a few blocks done so I can post them! Wish me luck and expedience!

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