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Final Fantasy Quilt: Final Block

I’ve started cutting and laying out the fabric for the final block. I decided to go with a drak red tonal for the cloak, and then blue for the hat. I just cannot decide on green or gold for the eyes. What do you think?

Question For Everyone…


So, as you know I did a quilt giveaway for hitting 100,000 views. Which, is totally awesome! Well, the person who was selected at random, has not responded! How long should I hold out for them? Should a redraw at the end of the week? What should I do? I need advice on this one!


Final Fantasy Quilt: Three Down, One To Go

After a long day of sewing, and possibly a nap, I have finished the third black mage. this time he is wearing a gold robe and a pink hat. I think it cntrasts nicely with the other two blocks I have done. Now I’m already picking out fabric for last block of this quilt. I’m thinking something red!

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Final Fantasy Quilt: Next Block Cut

Since I finished the last block, I’ve been pretty motivated to keep going, so I started the next block. I already had the background left over from the last block I did where I switched the background to green to balance it out more. I went with a purple and blue batik for the cape, and then some or orange tonal and a yellow/green/pink batik for the hat. I decided to do green eyes and hand vs orange, because I did orange for the hat. I think he looks cute! Only one more block after this!

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