Confessions of A Quilt-aholic: The Thrill of The Sale


We’ve all done it! We’ve all gone to the store and bought some junk we didn’t need because it was on sale. I know I’m guilty of it. I’ve looked through my stash and had to do a double-take on some fabric. Why did I buy it? Why did I keep it? Why do I not even want to use it as a quilt backing? I’ll tell you why: it’s ugly! But, but, but… I got it on sale. That’s a good enough reason…. right? No not really. Then why did I buy some hideous calico print that I’ll never use or even want? Because it was red tag clearance and it was 2 dollars a yard. That’s why I did it, and I would like to apologize to the rest of the fabric that sits next to it in my closet, as well as my wallet.

Everyone knows the feeling of seeing something on sale and going ‘Ohhhh! I need that! I’ll use it for something.’ Well, something never materialized and now it just sits there collecting dust. I don’t want my fabric to feel like Guy Richie! Shoved in the back while my beautiful batiks and whatnot dance in front of it to some techno music. (I feel like I’ve misplaced the point in that statement.) Everyone knows what I mean. I have quite a few fat quarters and I’m ashamed to admit even some yardage of fabric that is so ugly, I refuse to work with it. Well, that isn’t completely true. I do try to hide bits and pieces in quilts, because I hate things going to waste.

A couple times I have bought fabric at garage and estate sales, and even off of Craigslist. I’m not going to lie, I once again bought more ugly fabric I didn’t really want. One woman sold me 80 yards for 70 dollars. She offered another tote full of fabric quarters for free and I took her up on it. It was all ugly, but I just wanted it! I felt like I was getting away with something! I recently ended up giving them away to a charity to make quilts with. I even felt bad passing them on! A lot of weird animal prints that were too dark to use in children’s quilts, but too cartooney to use in adult quilts. I don’t even know why I took them! Well, maybe I do! I took them because I thought maybe I could use them! I couldn’t and they sat around for quite a while! I am actually glad to be rid of them! Hopefully someone can find some hidden beauty in them and, in the words of Tim Gunn, “Make it work!”

So, basically while I’m typing this, all I can think about is how awesome it will be to go to Joann Fabrics’ Moonlight Madness Sale and stock up on more sewing stuff! Most of what I’m planning on getting, I actually need, but things like thread that are on sale, but I don’t need right now, I know will never go to waste, but red tag quilting fabric…. I should be ashamed!

Thanks for listening to me rant, and later today I’ll post some pics of my latest projects!


  1. ghosthunter says:

    I’m a compulsive window shopper. I will walk into a store and I will window shop. When I walk into a fabric store, I don’t just window shop, I get envy because most times I don’t have the money to buy yardage of fabric unless it’s for a specific project. Though I have taken to buying half a yard of fabric, but you know, all the fabric I’ve bought and is sitting in my very tiny stash I will use. I used to be the red tag buyer, but I’ve since learned that even if you think it might be a good idea to get it for later; it’s not. I usually don’t buy it, I wander home check what I have go through books, magazines and see if there’s a pattern that will work for what I want to buy. Nine times out of ten, I don’t go back to get the fabric. I am guilty of not turning down bags of fabric that are given too me. I usually take what I want and donate the rest. Still you’re right, sometimes it’s the thrill of the sale that will get you.

  2. Izzy says:

    I so know the feeling! I recently bought some fabric from a lady who advertised on Craigslist — $25 for 25 or so yards and it was NICE quilting fabric. When I picked it up from her, she mentioned that she had some more she was going to be selling. I told her not to even advertise, that I would buy it from her and left my number. Well, about a week later I received a text — she had it ready for me to pick up — all 482 yards of it! What could I say, I had promised to buy it. I went from NO stash to more than I’ll ever use in my lifetime!

  3. I make a lot of comfort quilts for Hospice (~100 a year). There is nothing better to set off a nice fabric than a butt ugly fabric. Everyone has different tastes, and one person’s ugly duckling is a beautiful swan.

    A recent example, a lap sized comfort quilt made with power rangers fabric. The recipient was a Hospice patient with dementia who saw people who scared her. The hospice worker gave her the quilt and told her she now had the power to fight the invisible people and the quilt would protect her. She never saw any more of those invisible people after that. Linus isn’t the only one who needs to walk around with a blanket.

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