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On The Docket For Tomorrow….

Today has just flown by and left me coughing from all the dust it kicked up! I’ve been running errands and I made quite a few calls and wrote an equal amount of emails. Today I wanted to post a tutorial of how to make pot holders, as people have been asking me about it, but unfortunately, I just don;t have the time to do it today. I hopefully will post that early in the AM. I’m still working on the quilt pattern I wanted to post tomorrow, so that should be finished, and I probably won’t have that up until tomorrow night. If everyone could just bare with me for a couple of days that would be awesome, so in the meantime I want people to look at and love the quilt I am going to resume working on for my cousin and his wife.

Hope everyone has a good evening!

Ramblings of A Quilter: Should I Learn to Upholster?

As I sit here at my desk with my laptop working on this post, I feel like such a professional blogger. I’ve got my diet Dr. Pepper, a Beatles’ song playing in the background, and a very rough 1940’s film noir demeanor, but I mainly consider myself a quilter, it’s kind of my thing for some of you who may not know it. I’ve been doing it since July of 2012 and it’s the love of my life… besides my best friends, obviously. I don’t know if it is because I’m getting board with quilting, which I don’t think I am, or because I just want to branch out, but I kind of want to learn how to upholster furniture. I mean, I know that just because I can make some sick looking quilts and coasters doesn’t mean all kinds of sewing is for me, but I kind of want to know if I can do it or not. I did find the lovely example from a blog I read called Just The Right Size. Continue reading

Confessions of a Quilt-aholic: Buying Fabric…


Let me start off by saying, the original title of this post was “Buying Fabric and Smuggling It Into Your Home”. Yes… I buy a lot of fabric, and yes I do it with my money, and yes, I still feel the need to hide it. Once, I was sitting in the parental unit’s living room with my Cousin-In-Law and I had her picking out fabric for her quilt. MY Cousin proceeded to ask me how much the fabric costs. He was curious because I had a bin full of about 300 fat quarters. I started to tell him, and my Cousin-In-Law told me to ‘Shhhh’. She said he didn’t need to know how much it costs. All I could do was laugh. She just didn’t want to tell him how much she had been spending on fabric. She also sews and someday I think I would like to make a quilt with her. I think we would have terrible amounts of fun! But, back to the main purpose of this post… Why doi we hide how much we spend?

Continue reading

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