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I Have Pooled MY Sass Into One Webpage!

Hey guys and gals, don’t forget if you need a laugh just click on the Sassy E Cards tab at the top of the web page!

Working On A New Scrappy Christmas Quilt


I’m working on a nice sampler quilt for a few craft shows I’m going to be in this fall. I wanted to use up more of my Christmas scraps s it will just be some fun simple blocks and then I can use that in the shows as a sample. Then after it makes the rounds my cousin, who is obsesses with Christmas wants it. So then once it is shown off, back to Minnesota it goes!

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One More Reason Not To Leave My Sewing Room

Okay folks, I have some awesome news to share with you guys and gals. I have found a way to eat my favorite thing. I love Smores flavored Pop Tarts! I do! They are amazing! Well today I figured out a way to make then without leaving my sewing room! Grant it, bringing a toaster up to my sewing room would have been a simple solution, I decided to take the hard route and use my iron! It turned out amazing and I just wanted to share!

Pop Tart on an Iron!


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