Daily Archives: October 1, 2013

Working On A New Pattern!

After a day of working my legs off, I’ve come home, showered, ate, and now I’m chilling out, watching the Mindy Project, and working on a design for my next quilt. I have the pieces of my Christmas scrap quilt sitting on my ironing board, but no iron. I cleaned it, and now I have to wait for the CLR to evaporate, and just steam some water through it.

So, as that sits there, I’m working on a sexy new quilt pattern! Wish me luck!

Decided To Brighten Up The Quilt

Decided it was a bit too dark, so I’m going to throw in a few brighter pieces. I found a lovely candy cane stripe print, and some red and gold fabric. I’m working on making the block with the stripe a bit more exciting. I have an idea, but I’m still brain storming it.

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