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Confessions of A Quilt-aholic: Keeping Myself Busy


“Idle hands are the Devil’s play toy.” We’ve all heard the expression, but up until recently I never headed any warning from it. As you all know, because I have blogged about it in the past,¬†I have severe depression, and sometimes I can collapse into myself like a dying star imploding in a cluster of fabric, thread, and other sewing accoutrements. I’ve realized over time that I need to keep sewing! I just need to put on some Disco and have Gloria Gaynor lead the way! I’ll applique myself right out of my Blue Mondays. Oh wait, that was a techno reference… Oh well! Continue reading

Enter The Contest!!!

As you all know, I asked what people wanted me to do for a give away. The results were a wall hanging, and a set of pot holders and coasters. So here are the rules!

1. You must guess the number of pins in the container.

2. The person closest without going over wins!

3. There will be a first and second place.

4. In case of a draw, whoever guessed the number first wins.

5. You must comment on this blog with your guess in the comments section. (I really want to keep them all in one place.)

6. This will be open until Saturday the 2nd of November!

Follow the jump to see the container!
Continue reading

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