Confessions of A Quilt-aholic: Keeping Myself Busy


“Idle hands are the Devil’s play toy.” We’ve all heard the expression, but up until recently I never headed any warning from it. As you all know, because I have blogged about it in the past, I have severe depression, and sometimes I can collapse into myself like a dying star imploding in a cluster of fabric, thread, and other sewing accoutrements. I’ve realized over time that I need to keep sewing! I just need to put on some Disco and have Gloria Gaynor lead the way! I’ll applique myself right out of my Blue Mondays. Oh wait, that was a techno reference… Oh well!

Now every time I get blue I try to sew! Then, if I don’t want to sew, I force myself to clean my sewing room, and I usually find something that inspires me. I mean, what I’m really looking for is someone to inspire me, but frankly I’ll never love a person as much as my sewing machine, so I just stick to loving things. The nice thing about loving things is, when all else fails, shop for new fabric. That inspires me! Again, since I don’t have a muse, I just use my calico prints as inspiration. Once I get a little bit of inspiration, I am on to my next project and whatever made me blue before is out of my mind! Just remember to keep sewing!

Last time I got a little blue, I made a Christmas quilt and gave it to my father. Watching his face as he got his quilt made my day! It only took me 2 days, but it kept me out of trouble. That is the other problem with my idle hands, they tend to do silly things, like call up exes, or type obscene status updates, so it’s nice to stay busy and not do those things! People know what I’m talking about! Ladies, next time you want to call up an ex-boyfriend and tell him how amazing you are and how horrible he is, make a quilt instead! Just keep sewing!



  1. Leslie Lackey says:

    I have found sewing to be very therapeutic…it has gotten me out of, or kept me out of a lot of troubling situations. If I start to feel anger I go sew, if I get angry at myself for whatever reason I’ll go make something, anything…AND fabric is a whole lot cheaper than therapy, lol

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