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Just A Reminder: Christmas Coaster Give-away Ends Tonight!

That’s right folks! In order to enter to win a set of 6 Christmas Coasters, all you have to do is Like my facebook page and share one of my stories on your page! Contest ends at 12pm central time tonight!


Look At What I Got….

Recently I went to an estate auction and bought a box full of sewing items. Lots of it was mostly used spools of thread and pins hat were bent, however, I did manage to get a few item that are completely awesome! I only spent 2 dollars on the box, so I think I did okay with it. What do you guys and gals think?

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Pot Holder Tutorial

Thanks for waiting everyone! I had to go to work yesterday and did not get home until around 11:30pm. I was way too tired to post online, so here is the long awaited pot holder tutorial! What you’ll need are two 8.5 inch squares of all cotton fabric, one 8.5 inch square of Insul-Bright, and one 8.5 inch square of all cotton batting. The reason I use the two inside layers is because I read in product reviews that one layer of Insul-Bright is not the best, and all you need to add is one layer of all cotton batting to make it work perfect. I even used mine last night when I made some spaghetti when I got off work late at night!


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