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I Have Sold Another Quilt On Etsy!!!

I feel like a rising star! I’m so happy! Nothing gets me in a better mood than having someone think my quilts are so cool, that they want to get up off some money to have one! I have sold another Zelda Quilt, and I’m so happy about it! I’m going to go and buy the fabric I need tomorrow, but might even start cutting the pieces I have today! I am so happy! I hope the customer will be too!


I’ve been getting much better at Pot Holders

Between the hassles of my crazy week of work and what not, I have been working on pot holders. I also did a few mug rugs, but those are now lost in my craft room. I even did some of the quilting on the machine I just got. I love my Free Westinghouse sewing machine! It does an amazing job, and I love it! Look at how well it quilted these down!!


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Don’t Forget About Me

I’ve been a little busy lately. Between work, my new sewing machine, catching up on last season of 2 Broke Girls, which is amazing by the way, I’ve been just crazy busy. Right now I’m lying in bed debating whether to get back up and work on more pot holders, or just to go to sleep. I am under a comforter, as I have never finished a quilt for myself yet, which should motivate me to quilt down a quilt top real quick so I can sleep under it, but I think I’ll just go to sleep and do something crafty tomorrow. Goodnight world!

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