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Eleanor Burns Goodie-Bag Giveaway *update*

People should be checking her out. She’s a real up and coming talent!

She’s a huge Eleanor Burns fan and she herself is very crafts, so check out her blog, Ray’s Sew Crafty

Eleanor Burns Goodie-Bag Giveaway *update*.

What’s That… A coupon!!!!

I’m in such a good mood after this weekend excursion of mine that when I got home and unpacked all of the new fabric I bought and realized how much money I spent, I realized I need to sell some things! So, in my Etsy Shop everything is 30% off when you enter the coupon code which is after the jump!

etsy shop page

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I Got A Present!

I, being the technical super-genius that I am, have been helping my friend with her website and setting up her online business, Brylyn’s Treasures! I’ve also been helping move her inventory from notebooks to excel and helping her with her budgeting statements. She has, in return, given me the coolest gift ever! She gave me a pencil sketch of a scene from The Wizard of Oz! I am ridiculously excited for this, as I am a huge Wizard of Oz fan. I even own the Monopoly game for it. So here is a picture of my present that I just needed to share with everyone. I’ll post a better pic when I get it framed and out of it’s loose plastic sheathing.


Some of My Favorite Quilts For Oct 6th 2013

As of yesterday, I have added a new weekly segment to my blogging line up: My Favorite Quilts. Basically, I’m sharing some of the quilts that I look to for inspiration. I’m excited for it. People can get a better look into my creative process, because I frankly think some people think I use Black Magic or Voodoo to quilt, and I can assure everyone, I just quilt with manic enthusiasm.

First Quilt: ‘Gem Of The Ocean’ by Cecile Lewis


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