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I Set Up A Tumblr!

I’ll be posting fun, on the go pictures to my new Tumblr!

It’s fantastic!

Working On Another Commission Quilt!


As I have told everyone already, I got a commission on Etsy to do another Zelda themed quilt, and I’m super excited to say that it took me less an 1 day to make the top! I feel like a star! I started it at 2pm Yesterday and finished the top around 11am today. I think it looks quite nice! What about everyone else?

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What My Sewing Machines Say About Me…


On one of the other blogs I read someone asked, “What does your sewing machine say about you?” I, being myself, giggled when I thought in a literal sense about what my sewing machines would say about me. For those of you who are wondering what kind of machines I have, I have a Brother LX-3125 and a Free Westinghouse Type E.

Follow the jump if you want to find out what I think my sewing machines are saying about me behind my back!

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