What My Sewing Machines Say About Me…


On one of the other blogs I read someone asked, “What does your sewing machine say about you?” I, being myself, giggled when I thought in a literal sense about what my sewing machines would say about me. For those of you who are wondering what kind of machines I have, I have a Brother LX-3125 and a Free Westinghouse Type E.

Follow the jump if you want to find out what I think my sewing machines are saying about me behind my back!

I feel like my Brother would say something to effect of, “Eric is so cheap, he bought me at Walmart. He was a broke college student, so I can’t blame him, but he uses me like I’m some kind of industrial Juki that costs 10 times more. He treats me well… well-ish. I wish I would get oiled more!”

As for my Free Westinghouse, “Eric thinks he is a hipster now because he has a Free Westinghouse Machine. Just because I turn 100 next year, Eric won’t magically become cool. Also, he refuses to buy bobbins because he can;t find them in store. Has he heard of the internet???”

I feel like my sewing machines are just not my biggest fans…

What do you think your sewing machine says about you???


  1. Beky says:

    I hope my Janome is saying nice things about me since I just vacuumed her out. Did you know that your machine will grow felt between the feed dogs? My Featherweight is complaining that she doesn’t get out of her box enough.

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