Quilting Secrets, Tips, And Tricks : How I Pin A Quilt Top

When I pinned my first quilt, I ran into a slight problem. It was very hard to get all of the layers on top of each other while tryig keep them all straight.

Wanna know the secret? Click below to find out!

Fun tip for the day! Since I got such a great response from my last tip about how to get a straight seam. I figured I would share some of the other tricks I use. One of the tricks I learned on my own, which I found out quite a few people do, is that when I am pinning a quilt before I quilt it on my home machine, is I use painters tape to hold everything in place, except for the batting. I have a hard wood floor in my kitchen, and that is where I do my pinning. I have a quite fond love for painters tape. So I thought why not use it to hold down everything while I pin the quilt. It works out quite amazingly!


  1. Elaine says:

    That seems to work good for some. But for me…I can’t kneel down on the floor; I have a sheet of plywood laying on top of a desk , in the garage. Use to use saw horses, that worked good too.

  2. That’s how I was taught to pin a quilt on the floor. I use painters tape all around the bottom fabric only though. Usually the batting and top stay in place. I pin in quarters –I first pin rows across the middles vertically and then horizontally and then I pin each quarter trying to keep my lines straight.

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