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I Finished Another Quilt… Much Like Katnis Everdeen, I’m On Fire

Busy, Busy, Busy, I’ve been very busy. I currently have the embroidery machine running some Zelda Towels that I have to mail out tomorrow. Then another embroidery project for tomorrow. It is that time of the season, and there is no rest for the wicked. This quilt is for a friend’s Grandmother, and I just hope she loves it. I added some blooming bias to the rail fence blocks, so when she washes it she’ll be in for a surprise. What do you all think?

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Rail-Fence Wtih Blooming Bias Is Taking Shape

I finally got around to taking the blocks and putting them together! I swear, going over it twice with the tiny stitches for the blooming bias takes forever, but it is well worth it! I’ve already got a few more rows on, so I’ll add pictures later!

My Summer Quilt Is Quilted

It took quite a while, but I finally got around to quilting it! Considering I made the quilt top many moons ago, it has been sitting on the end table in my guest room for quite some time, and I just couldn’t take it anymore! It had to be quilted so here it is! I actually have enough fabric already cut to do a matching queen size quilt for my room! I used a gorgeous simple purple mottled fabric for the backing as well as the binding. It just turned out so perfect, and it is now hanging up in the shop I work at! I can’t wait to make the queen sized one!

Started The Piecing On My New Quilt

I started working on the piecing of my new quilt. I’m calling it a modified rail fence quilt. I have to add in a few 9 patch blocks, and a few solid squares as well. I just love the way the colors blend together! I think I might add in a bit more purple to it. We’ll see though. I still have a lot of strip pieced strata to cut into blocks. Hopefully I’ll have something to post later tonight! Wish me luck!

Strip Piecing Like A Boss!

I’ve been strip piecing for hours! Okay, maybe one hour, but still! Half way done though with 42 pieced strips, so 84 strips of fabric. Hhopefully tonight I’ll finish it up. The strip piecing that is. I don;t think I’ll start cutting squares for this rail fence quilt yet, but at least I should be able to iron them tonight. One can only hope! First I have to fins=d some new background noise to watch while I sew. I just finished the seasons of Haven on Netflix, and now I need something new! Any suggestions?


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