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Blooming Bias Quilt… Out Of The Washer

Well, I quilted it, and just took it out of the washer! I’m in love with it! I really am! In fact, I already drove to work to hang it up! I love the way the bias came out! I did a double stitch over it because I was worried about it falling off, but it looks pretty secure!  I guess we’ll see after I wash it a couple of times!

Bloming Bias Top Is Ready To Be Quilted!

The top is all ready to be quilted! I really hope the binding fluffs up and it looks super cute! To be honest, with the binding not fluffed up, the quilt looks a little bit boring… Oh well, I hope it turns out better once it is quilted and washed! Wish me luck!

Throw Pillow: Once More With Feeling!

You all know I love them, and here is one I just finished! It is just a simple rail fence block, but I used some fun fabrics! I love how loud and obnoxious it is! I did some stippling in light purple thread, just to tie in some of the purple tones in the fabric. I think the colors might blend a tad bit too well, and some of the definition is lost, but I’ll get over it! It will be on my bed soon enough anyways!

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