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My Summer Quilt Is Quilted

It took quite a while, but I finally got around to quilting it! Considering I made the quilt top many moons ago, it has been sitting on the end table in my guest room for quite some time, and I just couldn’t take it anymore! It had to be quilted so here it is! I actually have enough fabric already cut to do a matching queen size quilt for my room! I used a gorgeous simple purple mottled fabric for the backing as well as the binding. It just turned out so perfect, and it is now hanging up in the shop I work at! I can’t wait to make the queen sized one!

Flannel or Quilter’s Cotton Backing?

I have a question for everyone: what type of backing do you use? I use whatever I have freely available ta the time, but today someone told me that I should only use a flannel back if I quilt a flannel top. Now, I’m think this is one of those, “Don’t use polyester thread because it will tear through your quilting fabric.”, kind f scenarios. Anyone have any advice on the topic? I’ve been mixing up what ever kind of backing

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