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Mario Quilt: First Block Finished!

I did it! I did it! I pieced the block together and I love it! I mean, I really really love it! I’m so excited to do the other three! I really want to finish them tonight, but I know I’m to tired to sew straight seems or cut fabric evenly, so I’ll retire to bed soon and dream of 8 bit inspiration!

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Mario Quilt: Picked A Background!

You know it’s funny. I new I wanted a blue fabric for the background and I new I didn’t have any extra and I drove past the fabric store on my way home from work. I knew I should stop, but I was too lazy, and the weather started getting rough. So I ended up using a blue I had already made plans for and now I hope Joann’s will have more of it! Finger’s Crossed!

Mario Quilt: All The Blocks Are Cut!

I did it! I did it! Now, to start sewing them! Oh, well, I guess I still have to pick out a background fabric. Maybe purple or blue? Not sure. Depends on what I have in my stash to be honest with you! Yeah, probably purple. I have a lot of it left over from my last project. I’m so excited to start sewing them! First though, I have to go and cook something for dinner. Maybe Italian bread pizza? I have a fresh loaf of Italian bread, and some Italian sausage! Hopefully I have cheese and pizza sauce! Wish me luck!

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It’s a Me: Mario!

So I’ve decided that I did not want to start my next art quilt, and I just wanted to do a funa nd quick project that would only take a day or two, and this is it! I’m doing a quilt with 8 bit character’s from Mario Bros. Haha! I’m so excited that I am getting my nerd on. Do not worry though, by Monday I will have started my next art quilt! Enjoy this teaser for now!

My Zelda Quilt: Out Of The Dryer

It’s done! It’s done! It is officially done and I love it! I cannot wait until I snuggle up under this thing tonight! I’m so excited to cuddle under this and perhaps watch some Masterpiece Theater. It has a flannel backing, and then a 100% cotton batting. It’s going to be so warm1 I’m so excited!

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