Quilt For Equality

12 Jun


I was planning on bragging about how wonderful it was that I got published in a book for my quilt on gay rights, but now I’m at home heartbroken after this unspeakable tragedy. This catastrophe that made me feel uncomfortable and empty, I decided to channel my grief into a new work inspired by the continuing struggle for gay rights.

Updates to come on my latest works later in the week.


One Response to “Quilt For Equality”

  1. Elana Goldberg June 13, 2016 at 11:01 pm #

    This is a beautiful quilt. You have much to be proud of. This simple design could be repeated in different colors as memory quilts for families of victims or those “lucky” enough to be recovering in hospitals. I, for one, would gladly help with an effort like that. I’m so sorry for this unspeakable tragedy. We all must be shaken by this horror, or we’re not human! I feel sick and helpless…I can only imagine how you must feel. Know that you are loved and not everyone is a bigot and filled with such hatred. I send you a virtual hug!

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