Daily Archives: February 10, 2014

Zelda Commission 5: Almost Done

I’m almost done! I did the blue background stippling and I put on the binding. I used a nice medium mottled blue for the binding. I think it ties the fabric blocks together quite nicely with the medium blue thread I used. The only thing left to do is the stippling on the bird. I already have the gold thread picked out, and it’s by my sewing machine waiting for me! I even got a new quilting foot. I’ll post about that later though. Wish me luck!

Once Again, I Need Assistance!

Once Again, I Need Assistance in identifying these feet. I’m trying to go through my boxes of sewing stuff, and organize everything, but I found these and I’m not sure what they are. I think the three that look the similar are hemming feet, but not sure about the other ones? Can I get some help, please.


Mad Men Is My Muse

As I’m sitting here waiting for my hamburgers to finish cooking, I’m wondering what on earth can’t Joan do. I swear. She is amazing! I’m looking at her outfits and thinking about all of the lavish colors, and all of the lavish threads I can work on that crazy quilt with! Seriously, her outfits are inspirational. It probably also doesn’t hurt that is is very easy on the eyes, and she’s one hell of an actress!

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