Once Again, I Need Assistance!

Once Again, I Need Assistance in identifying these feet. I’m trying to go through my boxes of sewing stuff, and organize everything, but I found these and I’m not sure what they are. I think the three that look the similar are hemming feet, but not sure about the other ones? Can I get some help, please.



  1. Oregonjudy says:

    You have several hemming feet that roll and sew the fabric at the same time. There is a zipper foot that can be moved to either side of the zipper and stitched close to the teeth. This can also be used to sew close to anything that has a ridge.

  2. trkingmomoe says:

    Those are the standard assortment of top clamping grist attachments. The top one on the far left first row is a narrow hemmer/feller. It is for making little handkerchief hems and for turning under flat felled seams. The next one going to the right on the top row looks like a zipper foot. The one next to it is for sewing bias tape on with lace or rick rack. It may also hem. I can’t tell by the picture. In the second row on the far left is for sewing on middy braid. The next one is for sewing binding on. The next one makes a wider hem. The one on the right of the second row is for sewing single fold bias tape and laces. You can to feed a couple through at the same time. Attaching lace. ric-rac and bindings was very popular in the first half of the 20th century.
    The top right is a quilting foot. There should be a bar that goes with that to guide along the last seam to keep your spaces even. The next one looks like a lace, flat tape,or rick rack guide. I think that fits a particular machine throat plate. The next one you could sew more then one binding on at a time. Bias used to come in several sizes way back when and so did rick rack. There was even tiny tiny ric-rac that you could feed through these attachments. The very bottom one is a ric-rac lace and flat trim guide It works well with ribbon.

    Top clamping attachments went to only machines like Standard, Singer had a low shank side clamp. Except for the first 66 that had a top clamping after that they changed it to a side clamp. I don’t remember if it was White, National or New Home that had top clamping attachments. My old Standard treadle top clamp attachments are different. .

    I hope this helped.

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