My Janome Will Be Here On Friday!!!

I ended up ordering the Janome 2212. It was a lot of machine for the money, and I cannot wait for it to get here on Friday! I’m also still getting my Mom’s Singer so I’m also excited about that! My Free-Westinghouse is out of needles, so I’m bummed about that, and I need to order more. My Singer 66 is still at my friend’s house, so I’ll have to go grab that later this week, because without a machine I will go crazy! Here’s to a new machine, and an old one! I’m excited!


  1. That’s a lot of sewing machines! I have two, but only one is currently in use. My Singer started chewing fabric when I was trying to make a wedding quilt on a deadline (and with not much extra fabric!), so I put it aside and bought a Brother. Singer was fixed and returned, but it’s still sitting in the corner — I just like the Brother too much to not use it. The Singer is mechanical, and worked like gangbusters for more than 10 years before it needed any attention. The Brother is electronic, has been working hard since Oct. 2011, and has handled everything I’ve thrown at it so far. (Oh, and I have told my mother that my brother and sister can have everything else in the house: I just want her old White sewing machine and its cabinet. She thought that made sense, too, as I’m the only one who regularly sews. My sister can have the newer portable that she has occasionally borrowed over the years!)

    Hope you don’t go crazy waiting for needles or a machine. I agree, not being able to sew can drive one bonkers!

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