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Cute Reversible Place Mats!

I’ve been playing around with some of the newer notions we got in at work, and I saw these pre-cut interfacing pieces for place mats, and I just could not help myself! I made a reversible one. One side is fall, and one side is summer! What do you think? I think my next one will be one side Thanksgiving, and one side Christmas! For the applique leaf, I used gold polyester lace I had stashed somewhere in my sewing room. The edge was satin stitched with an over-edge foot, so they are super washable!


I Got Another Machine – It’s My First Kenmore

I picked this up at Goodwill for 15 dollars! It was way work it! The zig zag stitch is just luscious! IT just sews so smoothly! It’s not the best at winding bobbins, but I have so many other machines I can wind bobbins on, so I’m not that concerned. It is a nice heavy duty machine! I got it for the satin stitch, since I’m making so many fabric bowls now, I wanted something that I could use for hours! I just love it! I’m also super happy it is a low shank machine so I don’t need any new attachments! I’m going to get sewing on it! Wish me luck!

I Think I’ve Become Addicted To Fabric Bowls

Now That I’ve gotten 5 down, maybe I can take a break from them and get back to quilting, but you never know. I might just pop out a few more of them later today. I do already have some fabric picked out, but I do have that crazy quilt to finish! I mean, I really should be working on that, but you know, fabric bowls are super easy and fun! The crazy quilt is a little more complex. Who knows what the rest of the day will bring! Maybe I’ll just end up doing yard work all day!

Working On Another Fabric Bowl


I know I have that crazy quilt to finish, but I am just too tired. So instead of quilting that, I spent 2 hours making this, and I am halfway done with an inverted one. I did the quilting in gold and used a few candlewick stitches to add some flair! I’m really excited to see the how both on them turned out!

PS. Satin Stitches take forever!

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