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The Binding Is On!

The binding is on and I am done for the night. Tomorrow I’ll post intellectually appealing posts. Today I just wanted to get this quilt done and now that I have, I will retire to some Doctor Who… and maybe work on a Doctor Who quilt design.

Finished The Quilting!

Omigosh! That appointment for my Psychiatrist was much longer than I had expected it to be, and my whole afternoon was shot! I got home around 4:00 and made some dinner. (I heated up some left over gyros.) I right away jumped on my machine and finished this beast of a quilt! I love the way it turned out, and later tonight, I will put on the binding! First, I suppose I should find a binding to put on it… To the Fabric Bins! Huzzah!


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If I Were Oprah….

I’m sitting here at my Psychiatrists office, and I had to show up an hour early for paperwork. (New Doctor) The paper work only took about 10 minutes. Typically a 50 minute wait time would bother me beyond all belief, but guess what’s on the TV? The Chew! I’ve only seen one episode before and I was doing something else while watching it. Well, now I’m half way through this episode, and with nothing else to do, I’ve been watching quite intently. It’s amazing! If I were Oprah, the would definitely be one of my Favourite Things! I’ve always been a fan of Clinton, and now I’m in love all over again! Everyone should be watching!

Finished The Quilting… Almost

So, I ended up staying up way too late last night, and then didn’t even get out of bed until 10:00am. Slacker! However, I did finish the quilting. Well, almost all of the quilting. I decided to quilt with purple thread and then do the quilting of the last layer in blue just to make everything pop! I think it will look great! Here’s what I’ve gotten so far!


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