Daily Archives: November 18, 2013

I’m In Another Craft Show, And I’m Going To Have A Quilt For It!

So, at the last show I was a part of, all I had was my sampler quilt, and a baby quilt. I used a photo album to show pictures of my other quilts, but this time I’m going to have a throw size quilt done, so I can show off my mad quilting skills in a grander manner than just a small sample quilt! I went digging through my quilt top stash and pulled this out, and I’m going to pin it tonight tomorrow, and then at least start the quilting tomorrow evening. I’m excited! I also have to make a few more pot holders as those were the only things that sold at the last show. Here it is! Not sure how I’m going to quilt it yet. I should probably figure that out before I quilt it. Oh well! Here goes nothing!


Regrouping From The Weekend

I did a craft show this weekend which was a total bust, so I have retreated home and I’m licking my wounds. I’m already signed up for more shows in the next few weeks, and hopefully they turn out better. Fingers Crossed! My pot holders turned out well, and I sold a few of those, so I’ll make more for next show! Wish me tuck!

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