I’m In Another Craft Show, And I’m Going To Have A Quilt For It!

So, at the last show I was a part of, all I had was my sampler quilt, and a baby quilt. I used a photo album to show pictures of my other quilts, but this time I’m going to have a throw size quilt done, so I can show off my mad quilting skills in a grander manner than just a small sample quilt! I went digging through my quilt top stash and pulled this out, and I’m going to pin it tonight tomorrow, and then at least start the quilting tomorrow evening. I’m excited! I also have to make a few more pot holders as those were the only things that sold at the last show. Here it is! Not sure how I’m going to quilt it yet. I should probably figure that out before I quilt it. Oh well! Here goes nothing!


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