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I’ve Shown You Mine… Now Show Me Yours!

Everyone has seen mine, now let me see yours! I want to do a once a week thing where I show off your work! I’ve made some quilts, but I know you’re making them too! It only seems fair! So send your quilts, and your website if you have one, or even your Etsy shop, and I’ll post a couple every week! Sounds fun to me!

Email me your pictures! Please make sure they are appropriate!



Another Quilt Design… Voided Space

void quilt pattern

I imagined this pattern while bored to death in the hospital. I was going for a¬†pixelated space kind of thing. Strange concept I know but, it would make a marvelous scrap quilt. I’m always looking for a project to use up my scraps. I’ll just cut all of the scraps into 2 by 2, 2 by 3.5, or 2 by 5 inch scraps. The just randomly piece with a background fabric mostly comprised of larger pieces by also some cut to same small dimensions. Then I’ll just sew some clusters together and then sew it with the larger pieces of black. I’m very excited for this! First Though I must quilt Margie’s Quilt before I design any new ones.

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