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Cleaning Out My Bookmarks… Again


Here I am going through my bookmarks looking for something, and I have way too much clutter, so here it is for all to enjoy, the things on the internet that I thought were interesting! Don’t judge me too harshly for them!

This is quite an awesome pen that can draw in 3D … Imgur

This is how a sewing machine works … The Atlantic

This man can take one hell of a picture … Viral Nova

Sewing Machine Needle Storage Craft … Ceo A’s Draiocht

Things Quilters Use That Were Not Meant For Quilting … Quilting Gems

Make Your Own Patchwork Designs From Photos … Victoria and Albert Museum

Creative Ways To Re-purpose Things … 123 Inspiration

Also check these out!

Confessions of A Quilt-aholic – Quilting In My Skivvies!


I’ve done it! I’ve quilted in my skivvies! I’ve done it in my pajamas, a shirt and tie, my skivvies, in my yard work clothes! There is never a wrong outfit to sew in! Well, maybe a tuxedo or an evening gown would be excessive, but hey, whatever floats your bubble! In fact earlier this morning, I jumped out of the shower, threw some clothes on, and sat right down at my machine and started working on some half finished projects from last night! There is never a certain outfit suitable for quilting! Just try to not have too much dirt on grime on your clothes. That is unless you are an avant-garde quilter and you going for a certain look with your fabric. Other than that, never a wrong outfit and never a wrong time!
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