Confessions of A Quilt-aholic – Quilting In My Skivvies!


I’ve done it! I’ve quilted in my skivvies! I’ve done it in my pajamas, a shirt and tie, my skivvies, in my yard work clothes! There is never a wrong outfit to sew in! Well, maybe a tuxedo or an evening gown would be excessive, but hey, whatever floats your bubble! In fact earlier this morning, I jumped out of the shower, threw some clothes on, and sat right down at my machine and started working on some half finished projects from last night! There is never a certain outfit suitable for quilting! Just try to not have too much dirt on grime on your clothes. That is unless you are an avant-garde quilter and you going for a certain look with your fabric. Other than that, never a wrong outfit and never a wrong time!

Everyone knows that Sublime song, ‘Smoke Two Joints’? That’s how I feel about quilting! “I quilt pot holders in the morning, I quilt coasters at night, I quilt a queen size quilt in the afternoon, it makes me feel alright”! I’m down to sew any time during the day! Any time! I have insomnia, so sometimes I’ll wake up out of a dead sleep, throw on some MTV’s Awkward, and get to work on a sewing project. Sometimes I come home from work, shower, and then hop right on my machine. Sometime in my skivvies too! I’ve quilted while my hair dye was developing; I did have to be careful no dye got on the fabric, but my head was wrapped up pretty tightly. I’ve quilted any time, and almost any place too!

I have been known to go to a friends house and bring my machine with me. I usually don’t do any large quilt while away from home, but pot holders, and coasters, and pillows, sure, why not! In fact, before this craft show on Saturday at Original Craft Creator Fair, in Goshen, Indiana. My friend and business companion is picking me up in a couple of hours, because my van has some tire issues I need to address shorty, and I’m totally taking my sewing machine with me, and some fabric, and other sewing accoutrements. Mainly, it is so just in case I have some free time, I can make more shenanigans for the show between now and then! Sounds like a good idea to me! In fact, I sometimes think sewing in an area outside of my sewing room can bring new inspiration, and some new perspective as well. Who knows what I’ll be wearing, but I can guarantee you that I will be quilting!


PS. Later today, I’ll post pictures of some of the stuff I’ll have made for the show! I’m so excited!


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