Regrouping From The Weekend

I did a craft show this weekend which was a total bust, so I have retreated home and I’m licking my wounds. I’m already signed up for more shows in the next few weeks, and hopefully they turn out better. Fingers Crossed! My pot holders turned out well, and I sold a few of those, so I’ll make more for next show! Wish me tuck!

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  1. Becki says:

    Been there, far too many times. My husband is a novelist/lyricist/filmmaker, and we have gone to comic book shows, bookstores, libraries, pizza places, just about any place we could get a table to sell his books, CDs, DVDs, and tee shirts. It ain’t easy. I really do sympathize with you — it often seems people are more interested in everyone else’s stuff but yours! Keep your chin up, keep up your great work, and keep at it.

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