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Redwork Blooming 9 Patch Is Finished!

I finished this scrappy looking work of art! I’m just in love with it! I really hope the customer this is for will be as pleased as I am. It really inspired me to do another 9 patch. This next one is going to be a bit “crazy” if you catch my drift!

Watching Netflix And Sewing

I’ve been binge watching “Hot Wet American Summer: First Day of Camp” on Netflix. It’s so bad, it’s good! Also while this amazing senseless drivel is pouring out of my laptop speakers, I’ve been sewing away on this Blooming 9 Patch! I just love the red-work vibe it’s giving off! The customer who ordered it said Red and White and do what I want. I’m so happy when people give me creative license. I feel so awesome about this quilt! I’ve almost got it all together, and hopefully I’ll start quilting it by tonight! Wish me luck!

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