Calling All Sewing, Craft, and Fabric Enthusiasts!

8 Jul

Calling All Sewing, Craft, and Fabric Enthusiasts!

I’m working on making an interviews series for this blog. Once to twice a week I would like to interview people who have insight in the sewing, fabric, and craft worlds. It is going to start off as text interviews, but eventually I would like to do video interviews, or audio interviews. I already have 2 lined up, but I would like to get a few more confirmations before I start the series. I was hoping to launch it later this month, and at the latest next month. They would mainly consist of me asking about how you got started, what you specialize in, just general questions, and then of course to spice it up, a few off topic fun questions. All the interviews would be bout 10 to 20 questions and I think it would be fun to interview people.

If you are, or know anyone who is interested, feel free to email me at, or private message me on my Facebook Page!


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