My Nephew’s Baby Quilt

Now, I know I am supposed to be working on one for my nephew Damien, but I was just going through some old work, and found pictures of the quilt I made for my other nephew Mr. J.


I made this about 8 months ago, and finished quilting it about 2 months ago. I saw the puzzle pattern on a magazine somewhere, and thought, “Oh, That’s cute!”, and I made a pattern for the block and next thing I know, I started sewing! Now, I did make a few errors when I started this. I started piecing blocks and then I realized some of them can’t match up because of the coloring. I felt like a fool. So, I ripped some seams, and started again. I think it still turned out okay! I wish I took a picture of the back before I sent it to him, but hindsight is always 20/20. I’m thinking about doing a similar pattern for my nephew Damien, but I think I might do a twist with his, and spice it up quite a bit! So, once I settle on a color scheme, I will update all of you on my next one, but I figured I could share this one with everyone, since I am looking at it for inspiration!

Click below for more pictures!

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