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Puzzle Pattern

By popular request I have decided to post the pattern I used for the baby quilt I made for my nephew, Mr. J.

Puzzle quilt pattern repeated

For this pattern I used a block that was 8 inches by 8 inches. So for each color of puzzle piece you use you will need  Two 3″ by 8″ pieces, and Three 3″ by3″ pieces of the same color for one piece. Pic however many colors you want, and how ever many pieces you want. You do have to do a grid pattern with it, and I don’t recommend starting to sew until you have pieced everything out.

I have a picture of the pattern block with dimensions after the jump!

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Equal Sign Block

By popular demand, I have decided to post the block design for the Marriage Equality Quilt I did. I have about 10 requests for it, so I hope everyone enjoys it! It is quite simple really, just 7 strips of fabric, and you have a gorgeous quilt block that you can do many things with. I’m even thinking about using it again, but rotating every other block by 90 degrees. I feel like it would add some fun texture to a quilt top!


Click Below for the block pattern!

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