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Check Out My Reddit!

Everyone should be checking out my reddit! I’m posting lots of super fun stuff!

Eric The Quilter


I’m On Reddit!

That’s correct! I’m on Reddit! I started one yesterday, and already I got a few likes! So far my most popular is Frozen Star, and I also have Sandstorm, and TJ’s Quilt on there! I got a few upvotes, and I’ve had a nice increase in traffic from Reddit. So, I cannot really complain! I also have been working on TJ’s quilt! Here are some updated pictures! I still have a headache, so I haven’t been working at full speed. Focusing on the sewing needle is a little hard on my eyes right now, so I’ve been working on getting my internet presence and branding up and running. Reddit has proved quite helpful, and I’m really excited for all of the quilting boards I’ve been hitting it! People really like my work, and I’m very happy to share it with everyone who will look at it. I am even working on getting a gallery showing for my work for next summer going! No guarantees, but it’s in the works!


Click below for more pictures!

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