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Hurried Up And Finished This Today!

So… if you all recall I did the Sandstorm Quilt for Quilts of Valor. I sent it off to a longarmer I know, but she recently sent it back to me because she has had some health problems and just couldn’t do it. So I got it back, and I was going to send it to another longarmer, but after paying for shipping once I just decided to stipple it myself. So here it is. I’m giving it to the person receiving it tomorrow! I’m so happy to have finished it!

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I’m On Reddit!

That’s correct! I’m on Reddit! I started one yesterday, and already I got a few likes! So far my most popular is Frozen Star, and I also have Sandstorm, and TJ’s Quilt on there! I got a few upvotes, and I’ve had a nice increase in traffic from Reddit. So, I cannot really complain! I also have been working on TJ’s quilt! Here are some updated pictures! I still have a headache, so I haven’t been working at full speed. Focusing on the sewing needle is a little hard on my eyes right now, so I’ve been working on getting my internet presence and branding up and running. Reddit has proved quite helpful, and I’m really excited for all of the quilting boards I’ve been hitting it! People really like my work, and I’m very happy to share it with everyone who will look at it. I am even working on getting a gallery showing for my work for next summer going! No guarantees, but it’s in the works!


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Sandstorm Quilt Top Done!


Here it is with the border on! I decided to go with uneven borders. On two of the adjacent sides the border is 2and 3/4 inches, and on the other two sides the border is 5 inches. I really wanted to go for uneven borders after someone mentioned it on my facebook post, that it would add depth. And She was right! I love the way it looks! I was going to go for angled sides, but I decided I liked it the way it was, and I like the squareness of it contrasting with the entropy of the the rest of the top.

I have decided to give this quilt to Quilts of Valor, and I’m not going to lie. It will be hard to part with, because I love it quite a bit. Since I know it is going to a good cause, I can accept with it. I hope whoever receives it will love it as much as I do!

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Sandstorm Project Update

I’ve been working on this thing all morning! Well, I dyed my hair at some point too, but for the most part I have been working on this quilt top. It’s taken a lot of effort, but I’m pretty happy with the result. I still have to add a few more strips of the sandstone colored fabric, but once I do that it will be completely done. The sandstone color is also going to be the border, so I’m really excited for it!

I would be lying if I said it was easy. Working with no plan is quite a step away from my comfort zone, but I really like the way it made me think. It made me work on my spontaneity and how to lose control creatively. I really liked it! It’s not my favorite project I’ve done, but it hits the top 10 for sure!

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Dali Project Has A Name: Sandstorm

The name for this Epic Exercise In Creativity has come to me. Sandstorm!


Bear with my through the process. I know what everyone is thinking. Those horizontal lines really through off the spontaneity of this quilt top. You are all correct. Nothing about them says Random Fun! Don;t you fear! They will disappear! They were only put in so that I could add width to the top, which was growing longer by the moment, but not wider. Once I am done with the next few steps you won;t even be able to tell that I put them there.

I’m not going to lie, this top scares me quite a bit. I never really go off the cuff this much. I’m totally down to throw in some random as seen in my Frozen Star, and Nameless tops, but this is excessive amounts of uncharted waters for me. So, please everyone bear with me, so we can enjoy the fruits of my labor together! And preferably with a Martini! in hand once this is done!

Click below for a close up of the shift towards Entropy!

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