Fabulous Quilt Finally Got A Border

26 Jun

Fabulous Quilt Finally Got A Border

As of 1:30am I have put the border on this gorgeous quilt. I’m currently working on a name for it. I’ve decided I’m doing a space trilogy. Frozen star was number one, then this one, which is still devoid of a name is number two, and I’m working on the concept art for the third.

I just really wanted to show everyone the fruit of my labor with this piece having the borders on. It really makes it look as if the pieces are floating in space. I’m really digging it, and hope everyone else is as well.

Everyone remember how it looked originally?




4 Responses to “Fabulous Quilt Finally Got A Border”

  1. beth schmidt June 27, 2013 at 7:33 am #

    I’m thinking “Fractured Star” or Fractured Planet?
    Really like this quilt.


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