From Simple to Extraordinary!

Now, I have shown you all this quilt top before, and I told you guys how little I liked it. I mean, I enjoyed looking at it and all, but it didn’t have any ‘WOW‘ factor! So I decided to tweak it a little, and make it even more fabulous!

To see the transformation read more!

Some Background on what I have done. I was looking at the quilt and thinking about how to reinvent the wheel here, and make it better. It took me all of 2 hours to come up with something, and I’ll admit it, an episode of AMC’s Mad Men did help inspire it. I thought about what goes on in the abyss outside the box, and I realized, maybe I should bring the outside of the box to the inside of this quilt! So I took my ruler, and a rotary cutter and went to town, and put in these gorgeous strips of what will also be the borderĀ  once I muster enough energy to put that on. Once I started I realized what I did was amazing and it adds ten times the amount of ‘WOW‘ to this simple quilt with not too much effort!

Quilt for Sarah


  1. Wow, this is outside the box. Bringing the border fabrics in really transforms the quilt. You’re brave too. I would have been scared that if I started slicing my top apart that I wouldn’t be able to get it back together again .

  2. That actually was a very severe concern as soon as I made the first cut. I got very concerned for a second, but I quickly recovered as soon as I started piecing it together on my flor with the new sashing.

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