Mad Men is Inspirational!

30 Jun

As everyone knows, I love Mad Men! I think it is one of the best shows on television, and I love the outfits! In fact, I would even call the outfits on the show inspirational, and here is why.

Joan Holloway

Joan is a secretary that climbs the corporate ladder, and becomes one of the essential team members at the firm. Her outfits, are AMAZING! The likes of which I don’t think could ever be outdone! In fact, the picture I chose is the inspiration for a new quilt project! I love the blue dominance, with the hints of purple and green undertones as seen in her blouse. After seeing this, I decided that it will be the color scheme for an upcoming quilt. I know I have a list of upcoming quilts and none of them really fit this color scheme, but I think I will have to add one strictly for Mad Men. I think I even have some light weight upholstery fabric that would match the texture of her dress, as well as some that would match the blouse! I am very excited, and as soon as this episode I’m currently watching is over, I might just have to dig it out!

PS. Everyone should be watching!


One Response to “Mad Men is Inspirational!”

  1. stitchsewquilter June 30, 2013 at 4:13 pm #

    Are you going to include her fabulous hair colour too? All of outfits really complement it. I love Mad Men too, and I love the idea of a Mad Men quilt. Although I also think it is just the tiniest bit bonkers.

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