I Stepped On A Needle… It Hurt!


Ouch! It hurt! I never thought it would happen to me! I read all of these things on the internet about people who have stepped on needles, and I thought, “Eh, I’m sure it hurt a little!” Turns out, it hurts a lot! It went sideways into my heel. I have shag carpet in my sewing room, and the needle was sticking up at an angle, and then I got up to iron something, and straight in it went. I’m not even sure how it got on the floor. I guess I have been mildly neglectful of where I put my needles, but no I always make sure they are back in the magnetic bowl! Never again! Although, I’m not going to lie, I’m sure I’ll only be militant with my needle placement for a couple of weeks and then forget about it, but darn that did hurt! Hopefully I learned my lesson.

PS. I got it out, but I won’t go into detail about how. Kind of gory for a quilting blog!

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  1. Mister Creative says:

    Be careful! I read that needles can, if stood on, quickly become immersed in the blood flow, and travel around the blood stream. It can be dangerous!

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