Daily Archives: June 12, 2014

Doing Some Yard Work Instead Of Sewing

Since I don;t really feel inspired to sew anything, I figured I would rampage through the yard! I ended up going to my Dad’s old house he is trying to sell and work on cutting down a tree that is a little too overgrown. After only a few minor cuts and abrasions, the tree is about half way down. Now my arms are really sore from using the hand saw, but at least now I feel mildly motivated to sew something, yet at the same tme, too tired to sew something.

Even Though I Am On Hiatus… Crazy Quilt 3

I know it doesn’t look like much, but it is the start of another crazy quilt. Even though I am taking a break from sewing, I cannot stop all together. I work for a sewing machine shop, so I had a crazy quilt class to teach, and I started work on this! I’m pretty excited that I don;t have to do anything else to it for a month. Haha. I’m doing it with the class, so I can take a break between now and the next class! However, I am excited to see how it turns out! I’m just using up a lot of scraps and some older fat quarters! Wish me luck!

If you’re close to the Northwest Indiana Area, you can still sign up for the class! I’m doing a makeup class later this month for the first class. Then it is once a month for the next 3 months! Let me know if anyone wants to sign up! I still have room!

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